In addition to the Annual Bulky Waste Day, the following townships provide a location for the County Conservation District Recycling Dumpsters. These dumpsters are open to the public and provide recycling opportunities all year round.

  1. Bedford Township Municipal Building 1037 Shed Road / Bedford, Pa.  814-623-8296
  2. Broad Top Township Mun. Building 187 Municipal Road, Box 57 / Defiance, Pa.  814-928-5253
  3. Hopewell Township Mun. Building 2759 Raystown Road / Hopewell, Pa.  814-623-5743
  4. Londonberry Township Mun. Building Rt.96 South / Hyndman, Pa. 814-842-6069

Place all content inside of units ( non ) bagged.  Newspapers are to be bundled with string or brown-bagged