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There will be a fee for the following accepted items: Freon Items Vehicle, Truck & Tractor Tires .

Please Note that we do not accept hazardous materials of any kind such as paint, paint cans, propane tanks, or garbage.

All other items will be accepted. Donations are greatly appreciated to defray the removal costs

In addition to the Annual Bulky Waste Day the following townships provide a location for the County Conservation District Recycling Dumpsters. These dumpsters are open to the public and provide recycling opportunities all year round.

  1. Bedford Township Municipal Building 1037 Shed Road / Bedford, Pa.  814-623-8296
  2. Broad Top Township Mun. Building 187 Municipal Road, Box 57 / Defiance, Pa.  814-928-5253
  3. Hopewell Township Mun. Building 2759 Raystown Road / Hopewell, Pa.  814-623-5743
  4. Londonberry Township Mun. Building Rt.96 South / Hyndman, Pa. 814-842-6069

Place all content inside of units ( non ) bagged.  Newspapers are to be bundled with string or brown bagged

Bedford Township has an annual Bulky Waste Day the last Saturday in April every year at the Township Shed. Drop off times are from 8:00 to 12:00.