Bedford Township as of February 1, 2007, has joined the Bedford Township & Borough Sanitary Corporation for the purpose of Enforcement of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act 537.

Bedford Sanitary Corporation has two licensed Sewage Enforcement Officers.

They are:

JEFFREY CLARK – S.E.O.  – Bedford Township S.E.O      

ROBIN ARNOLD – Alternate S.E.O.  – Bedford Township S.E.O.

A Sewage Enforcement Officer (S.E.O) is licensed by the Department of Environmental Protection (D.E.P.), and is required to notify municipal officals and D.E.P that they have received an application for a sewage permit for an on lot :

  1.  sewage disposal system
  2.  maintenance to an already existing unit
  3.  repair to a faulty unit

For questions concerning sewage enforcement please contact Bedford Sanitary Corporation at:     

145 Clark Bldg. Road, Suite 4
dford, Pa. 15522
(814) 623-6498